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Current Federal Legislative Action Threatens Housing Assistance for Thousands

While most FY2011 spending bills, including that for HUD, remain unfinished, a growing number of proposals to cut federal budgets threaten funding for various housing programs. The Center on Budget & Policy Priorities (CBPP) recently released a brief report on the likely effects that three primary scenarios for appropriations funding in 2011 would have on Housing Choice voucher renewals. State-by-state estimates by CBPP show that the three scenarios could result in the elimination of assistance to between 576 and 7088 Oregon families. Click here for the CBPP report.

Though recently on track to receive initial capitalization of $1 billion, the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) is not part of the latest version of the “tax extender” legislation being debated in Congress. The NHTF would create or preserve rental housing affordable to households earning less than 50% of AMI and the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) estimates that the initial capitalization would mean $15 million for Oregon. Click here for more information, including how you can help ensure funding for the NHTF.

— Posted on 12/06/2010