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2011 CFC Applicant Info Released, Includes 11 Preservation Projects

OHCs recently released the list of applicants for housing funds through the 2011 Consolidated Funding Cycle (CFC). Sponsors around the state submitted more than 40 applications to fund 1,307 units of affordable housing. Of that total, 11 submissions were for preservation projects, representing 482 units in 16 current properties (three applications were for small portfolios of bundled preservation properties). Those 11 applications combined to request approximately $18.4 million of the $28.4 million total funds available through this CFC. OHCS currently sets aside 50% of funds in all programs accessed through the CFC for preservation (100% for Housing Preservation Funds). Funding awards are expected to be announced in the summer. Click here for the complete list of CFC applicants.

— Posted on 5/05/2011