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Administration Seeking Input on Alignment of Federal Housing Programs

The Obama Administration currently seeks stakeholder input on recent proposed affordable housing rental policy alignment activities. The interagency Rental Policy Working Group first convened in 2010 and subsequently engaged stakeholders across the nation in order to identify ways the administration could untangle the burdensome, overlapping program requirements that hinder the creation and preservation of affordable housing. The working group released proposal reports for alignment in 11 different areas, from income reporting to capital needs assessments, and pilot efforts in two of those, physical inspections and subsidy layering review, are just getting underway. Comments on the various proposals are requested by August 26. Click here for further information.

Due to the strength of the ongoing streamlining compliance efforts at the state and local level, Oregon was one of six states asked to participate in the federal pilot for aligning physical inspections. This pilot will test the implementation of the alignment proposal available at the link above.

— Posted on 8/04/2011