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OHCS Requests Applications for New Housing Preservation Funds

On October 14, Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) issued a Request for Pre-Application (RFA) for $5.7 million in Housing Preservation Funds, as well as Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credits (OAHTCs), to be used in conjunction with OHCS-issued bond financing. Interested applicants must demonstrate capacity to complete the preservation project within two years and, as with other OHCS preservation set-asides, eligible properties include those multi-family rentals with at least 25% units with federal project-based rental assistance. If selected, the applicant will then have 45 days to submit a pre-application for bonds/4% LIHTCs. Pre-application materials for this RFA are due to OHCS by November 15. Click here for further details.

OHCS intends to preserve 125 units with the $5.7 million, which includes $4.7 million in new funds approved by the Oregon Legislature at the end of June and $1 million in additional OHCS funds.

— Posted on 10/19/2011