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Weatherization List Published

The US Department of Energy recently published a listing of HUD multifamily subsidized buildings which meet some of the automatic tenant eligibility requirements for Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) funding. The published DOE list of eligible projects is not all-inclusive. For example, the list does not contain the USDA Rural Development projects, many which of which are WAP eligible. There are many Oregon projects not on the DOE list which are still WAP eligible – they just do not have the benefit of the automatic income qualification for the program.

We expect DOE will update their project list soon. When they do, we will post an updated list on the Preserve Oregon Housing website. Until then, you can download the current list sorted by county, here.

— Posted on 3/12/2010

OHCS Report to the House Committee on Business and Labor

Read OHCS's Report to the House Committee on Business and Labor which highlights the outcomes of state and federal investments in Housing and provides job creation figures and estimated economic benefits to the state’s economy.

— Posted on 3/01/2010

Senator Merkley's Editorial on the next Housing Crisis

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and David Abromowitz of the Center for American Progress have co-authored an editorial on the impending shortage of rental units affordable to working families. In it, the authors detail their support for extending the ARRA TCEP (Exchange Program) and other LIHTC program reforms.

— Posted on 3/01/2010