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HUD Evidence Matters on Preservation

Preservation of the existing affordable rental housing is good public policy and provides affordable housing options for renters of all ages and family sizes. The Summer 2013 issue of HUD’s Evidence Matters explores a range of state and local strategies which promote affordable housing preservation. The leadership of the John D. and Catherine T. Foundation, one of the primary funders of the Oregon Housing Preservation Project, is highlighted in the article.

The articles featured include, “Preserving Affordable Rental Housing: A Snapshot of Growing Need, Current Threats, and Innovative Solutions,” which reviews the economic and demographic trends prompting increasing demand for affordable housing, the threats to the existing housing stock, and the programs and tactics used by governmental and nonprofit organizations to preserve affordable housing. “Research Spotlight: How Research Tools Are Assisting Communities To Preserve, Plan Affordable Housing” considers the efforts of New York University’s Furman Center and the University of Florida’s Shimberg Center to map affordable housing subsidies and availability to better target areas most in need of preservation. And “In Practice: Models for Affordable Housing Preservation” examines the role that preservation compacts and state housing trust funds play in protecting affordable housing and economic diversity.

The Summer 2013 Issue of Evidence Matters can be found here.

— Posted on 9/12/2013

Walnut Park Apartments Wins 2013 MetLife Foundation Award

On August 28, 2013, MetLife Foundation and Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. named REACH Community Development a recipient of the 2013 MetLife Foundation Award for Excellence in Housing, lauding the nonprofit’s Walnut Park Apartments. The Portland based CDC was acknowledged for incorporating Best Practices in Health Care, Supportive Services and Green Building in the acquisition and renovation of the Walnut Park Apartments.

This year’s MetLife Foundation Award focused on connecting senior housing to health care programs, supportive services and green building standards. Four winners were selected in the national competition, with each receiving a $50,000 unrestricted grant to sustain and to expand its work in senior housing.

“Walnut Park is a perfect example of how community partners came together to save existing affordable housing and create a sustainable asset for the neighborhood,” said Dan Valliere, CEO, REACH CDC.

In 2009 REACH acquired Walnut Park Apartments with financing provided by NOAH’s Oregon Housing Acquisition Fund. Read more about the Walnut Park and about the Metlife Foundation Award here.

— Posted on 9/03/2013